How to bounce back during the crisis?

While the Covid-19 crisis continues to impact businesses, the government remains fully mobilized. Indeed, it accompanies professionals from many sectors. As a result, the new aids dedicated to the digitalization of restaurants may interest you. It is important to think about reaching a new audience, via a new distribution channel to always attract more prospects. At the same time, you will get out of the game.

The digitalization needs of your restaurant

Are you strongly impacted by a closure or by travel restrictions for your customers? Your restaurant needs support. He can obtain it on the implementation of new digital tools:

• Design of a website with an e-commerce section to market all or part of your offer.
• Creation of an online payment platform. It allows you to carry out an immediate or deferred transaction, such as the sale of vouchers, for example.
• Establishment of an online ordering and delivery service.
• Support in referencing your activity on a local market platform.
• Creation and support in your digital communication etc.

At DIGITAL CHR we offer you to receive an estimate so that you can then subsidize the digitalization of your restaurant. Contact us for more information.

Aid available for financing the digitalization of restaurants.

To help the digitalization of restaurants, the government is taking decisions. Indeed, it grants financial aid to traders and companies that have not yet taken the plunge. Thus , it is estimated that at the end of 2020, only a little over 30% of French VSEs have a website. To do so, the State plans to make financial resources available to non-digitalized companies.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, said it is important to help hard-hit professionals. This will facilitate take-out sales and home deliveries.

Announced on Monday, November 2, 2020, this aid has not yet been quantified and clearly defined. However, a call for projects has been launched. As a result, you should quickly get answers regarding their amount and their conditions of allocation. On the other hand, we advise you to get in touch now with digitization players. In addition, the government announced a tax exemption for sales made on the internet by small traders during this period.

How to benefit from regional aid for the digitalization of restaurants?

As for the regions, you have other solutions. All local players are mobilizing to support all professionals seeking funding for the digitalization of their restaurant. It can be:

  • Digital checks that match grants offered by your region. They make it possible to finance all or part of your business digitization expenses.

  • Loans on preferential terms and public guarantees for these loans. They initiate a major digital transformation of your business.

  • Solutions to increase your equity capital. This will unlock the necessary capital for this new sales strategy and therefore for the financing of your digitalization.

In the Pays de la Loire, various loans support businesses. This is the case of the resilience program, the rebound loan, the redeployment loan and the region's repayable advances. Not to mention that 50% of the invoice corresponding to the digitalization of your restaurant (less than 50 employees and more than 2 years of existence with a turnover of less than 10 MK) is covered by the region, up to 15,000 euros.

In Brittany, everything is also done to preserve the economic fabric. Indeed, aids such as the trade and crafts pass accompany the financing of digitalization for restaurants located in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants. The Covid Resistance system also allows restaurants to provide cash in order to continue their activity.

In Paris, practical guides accompany restaurant digitalization projects. In addition, loans and exemptions from charges make it possible to reduce the operating costs of the companies most affected.

Consult our offers to obtain a quote and build your help file.


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