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Don't forget to create your QR Code!

Offer your customers a unique experience thanks to the QR Code. This new tool will allow you to save time, sell more and better advise your customers.

What is a QR Code?

The QR Code is a service that you can set up on your website. It allows your customers to access your card in one click. The principle is simple: scan the QR Code of the restaurant and view the menu of the establishment in no time. In addition, creating your QR Code will also help you manage your customers' orders and payments.

Why create your QR Code?

New feature in vogue in recent months, creating your QR Code will facilitate all your transactions. It's about creating your QR Code to offer a better experience to your customers. Thanks to this service, they will be able to order their meal without calling on your waiters.

In addition, the order arrives directly at your checkout! Thus, it will be your best ally to save time. Indeed, your staff will be able to concentrate on their tasks and sell additional products. A brilliant solution to increase your turnover.

imprimante all in one

Do you offer take-out? Take it to the next level by adding your printer in addition to the tablet. Our printers react to all orders from our delivery partners but also those from the website.

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