The Chèque France Num is the new aid that has come into effect. It aims to help companies that closed administratively during the second confinement as well as hotels.

Who are the people who can benefit from the Chèque France Num?

This lump sum check is intended for brands that had the obligation to close their doors during the second confinement and for hotels. However, this aid is granted to companies with less than 11 employees and which have a turnover of less than 2 million euros excluding tax. In total, 110,000 companies will have to receive this lump sum check in the coming months. In addition, to benefit from this aid , you must have made a digital expenditure useful to its operation to counter the confinement or plan to start a digital transformation. Thus, the Chèque France Num can be administered for specific expenses . First, the sale or promotion of an e-commerce or promotional site, content, online payment, marketplace and internet visibility. Then, the management of a reservation or appointment system, stocks/orders/deliveries and cash register software. Finally, with regard to customer relations such as its management or the sending of e-mails or newsletters.

How much is the lump sum cheque?

The Check France Num is worth 500 euros. This amount must make it possible to cover part or all of the costs spent to integrate digitization solutions into his company. In addition, if you have not incurred any expenses at this level for the moment but are considering their installation, you can request a diagnosis to begin this transformation.

What are the award conditions?

You must submit a certain number of documents to be able to benefit from the Chèque France Num. Therefore, you must provide supporting documents:

  • ID
  • One or more invoices for a minimum amount of 450 euros. (date between 30/10/2020 and 31/03/21
  • Service contract (if this request is not made by the beneficiary.

In addition, you must make your request within the time limits:

  • Invoices dated before 01/28: You have 4 months from 01/28.
  • Invoices dated after 01/28: You have 4 months from the date of the most recent invoice.

Do you want to benefit from this help? Fill in the following form: Check France Num .


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