Save time with online booking!

Little by little, consumers are turning more and more to convenience. To meet these expectations, restaurants can implement digital solutions. They make it possible to combine a new way of life based on saving time with an easy-to-use service. Now you can help consumers get organized by offering them an online reservation service. It will bring as much benefit to your customers as to your own establishment.

Why switch to online booking?

Online booking is a service that will revolutionize your organization. No more chasing after the phone during the service, your customers will be able to reserve their table directly on your site. Thanks to this system, you will be able to control the filling of your room. Indeed, by booking on your site your customers will have the possibility of choosing a schedule among several slots. Once all slots are reserved, the system will block reservations until the next service. Thus, you will no longer need to manage reservations by phone call. As a result, you will save time in your services and you will be able to devote yourself fully to the one that is in progress.

In addition, customers will be able to book their dinner in advance, which will allow them not to be in a rush. Regarding the reservation, you can request a deposit from your customers so that they do not put you "a rabbit" on the big day. Thus, you can ensure a complete service or mitigate the damage of this absence.

How to add an online reservation system?

DIGITAL CHR helps you to install this feature. We take care of putting this system in place on your site. For this, we use our 3 in 1 solution which will be directly linked to your website.





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Do you offer take-out? Take it to the next level by adding your printer in addition to the tablet. Our printers react to all orders from our delivery partners but also those from the website.

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