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Showcase site

Gain visibility!

Want to create your website without the fuss? Opt for the creation of a showcase site. Easy to use and not requiring many updates, it will be ideal for your restaurant.

What is a showcase site?

A showcase site is a site on which you can list all the essential information about your establishment (presentation, opening hours, contact, address, menu, news). Finally, it corresponds to the storefront of your virtual sign.

Why go through the creation of a showcase site?

The creation of a showcase site will bring you visibility. You will be accessible in physical and virtual. Customers will no longer have to call you for information. Your site will contain almost all their answers. The creation of a showcase site will help you extend the experience of your customers outside your restaurant. They can start it before by consulting your menu, ordering or reserving their table.

Examples of websites

Option boutique


Consider setting up an online store!

Extend your catchment area by installing an online store on your site. Thanks to DIGITAL CHR, you can request the shop option and manage your sales and stocks as you wish.

What is the store option?

The installation of an online store is a system allowing you to sell your menus through your site. We proceed with the installation of an online store when you offer take-out or delivery services. Thus, it allows your customers to order your dishes from home.

What are the advantages of the shop option?

Setting up an online store will save you time and money. Your customers will be able to order in your restaurant without your help. Automatically you will receive their orders and payments. You can manage your store from your smartphone or with the help of our remote teams (stocks, prices, promotions, closures, schedules, etc.).

imprimante all in one

Do you offer take-out? Take it to the next level by adding your printer in addition to the tablet. Our printers react to all orders from our delivery partners but also those from the website.

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