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How about going to take-out ?

At a time when digital is taking an important place in the world, the hotel and restaurant sector must adapt to it. To do this, DIGITAL CHR supports restaurateurs by digitizing their services. At first, it goes through the click n'collect or in French the sale to take away. Both terms represent the same service. Being implemented a lot since the beginning of the health crisis, this service seems to be essential for establishments.

What are the advantages of the takeaway sale OR CLICK N'COLLECT

As mentioned above, the take-out sale is a service that restaurateurs must offer. Indeed, if you want to stand out from your competitors and continue your business permanently, this is the solution to adopt. First of all, take-out is a very interesting service for consumers because it is fast. And yes, we know that consumption patterns have changed a lot. People take less and less time for lunch. Thus, the take-out sale is an excellent argument to save them time and allow them to eat well on the go.

In addition, the take-out sale is more economical. In addition to saving time, consumers have lunch at a lower cost. In addition, you can differentiate yourself by offering a wide range of dishes. This method will allow you to respond to everyone's tastes and thus reach more people. Finally, you can easily integrate discounts on your products. Customers will appreciate this gesture and it is a good technique for them to become loyal to your restaurant.

How to offer take-out?

Our agency can integrate take-out sales on your site. We just need to set up an online ordering and payment system there. This solution will allow you to remain open in all circumstances. In addition, it is a service that many customers appreciate. Indeed, this system is very easy to use, the order is done quickly and your customers just have to pick up their product(s) in your store to take them home.

Exemples de sites CLICK N’COLLECT


* Analysis and recipes made during the May 2020 lockdown . After covid we have seen that since January 2022 online sales have increased in our restaurants and that people have kept the habit of consumption at a distance.

imprimante all in one

Do you offer take-out? Take it to the next level by adding your printer in addition to the tablet. Our printers react to all orders from our delivery partners but also those from the website.

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