Digital CHR at Serbotel 2023: Revolutionizing digital solutions for the catering sector

Digital CHR at Serbotel 2023: Revolutionizing digital solutions for the catering sector

Nantes, France – From October 22 to 25, 2023, Digital CHR will actively participate in the Serbotel trade fair, thus establishing its leading position in the field of digital solutions for the catering sector. At stand 126 in hall 1, visitors' attention will be captivated by various animations with their innovative solutions and their expertise in the digitalization of reservation processes, take-out sales, payment at the table and management of social networks.

Complete digital solutions for restaurants

Digital CHR is recognized as the only supplier on the French market to offer a full range of digital solutions for restaurants. At Serbotel, they will present their services & products to professionals in the catering industry.

Stand 126 in hall 1: A meeting point for restaurateurs

Strategically located in Hall 1, the Digital CHR stand has quickly become a meeting place for restaurateurs and entrepreneurs looking to optimize their operations and improve their online presence. Digital CHR experts will be on hand to provide live demonstrations and answer questions from visitors interested in their innovative solutions.

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Online booking solution : Simplify your booking process

One of the main attractions of the Digital CHR stand is their online booking solution with integration into cash desks. This advanced technology allows restaurants to efficiently manage their reservations, reducing errors and optimizing the process. Visitors will notice the easy-to-use interface, which allows customers to book a table with just a few clicks.

Take-Out Made Easy : Meet Growing Demand

Digital CHR will also highlight its takeaway solution, responding to the growing demand from customers who want to order takeaway meals. With this feature, restaurateurs can offer their customers a convenient and frictionless experience for ordering and picking up their takeout meals. There is integration with certain cash registers on the market.

Payment at the table: Simplify the payment process

Digital CHR also offers a payment at the table solution, thus offering restaurants the possibility of simplifying the payment process for their customers. With this solution, diners can pay their bill directly at their table, without waiting for the bill and using different payment methods, including contactless payments.

Simplified social media management: Strengthen your online presence

But Digital CHR does not stop there. A social network management service will also be presented, an essential tool for restaurants wishing to strengthen their online presence and interact with their customers. With advanced automated posting, performance tracking and analytics features, restaurateurs can optimize their social media communication and boost their visibility.

A complete 360° service for restaurants

The Digital CHR team took the opportunity to highlight the advantages of choosing a single provider for all the necessary IT solutions. They highlighted the simplicity and consistency of having a single monthly invoice to meet all restaurant needs, allowing owners to focus on their core business.

Conferences and training sessions to share their expertise

Beyond their presence at the show, Digital CHR will organize conferences to share their knowledge and expertise with the public. These educational sessions were highly appreciated by visitors who were able to benefit from an overview of the latest trends and best practices in the field of digitalization of restaurants.

Consolidation of the leading position on the French market

Serbotel 2023 is an invaluable opportunity for future DIGITAL CHR customers to consolidate their turnover DIGITAL CHR is in a leading position on the French market for 360° digital solutions for catering. Their dynamic presence and innovative solutions have captured the attention of many industry professionals and enhanced their reputation as a trusted company.

Pioneers of digital solutions for catering in France since 2013

Digital CHR continues to push the boundaries of technology to provide restaurants with the tools to thrive in the digital age. Thanks to their participation in Serbotel 2023, they will be able to prove once again that they are the undisputed pioneers of digital solutions for the catering sector in France.


Article by Amelie Roué – 2023 Editor CHR magazine.


Commerce on Instagram: improve your brand image.

Commerce on Instagram: improve your brand image.

Now present in our language, the term "Instagrammable" becomes essential when talking about promotion to the general public. By this term, it should be understood that the object of the qualifier lends itself to being photographed and published on social networks. As we know, putting your business on Instagram is strategic. Indeed, social networks allow almost free publicity and positive word of mouth. With this in mind, are there any levers to make your business more Instagrammable and therefore more inclined to success on the networks?

Improve your brand image with decoration!

The first goal of Instagram is to improve your brand image. To make your local vote Instagrammable, start by going green! Buy plants and flowers that will give a healthy and natural side very fashionable on the networks. Then plan a graphic backdrop. Often, Instagrammers look for this place to do their selfie or photos for their account. The same goes for the floor of your premises. More than 800,000 posts on Instagram are pictures of…feet and floors! It also works for people who don't take selfies in public because there are! If your budget is tight, you can try a mat. Make sure the location has some space for photographers to find the best angle. In the end, your business on Instagram must make you want to go there. The best shots of your restaurant's decor will arouse curiosity. Thus, you attract new customers and improve your brand image because your content is Instagrammable.

And your visual identity!

Think about products and packaging. They are also an opportunity to showcase yourself and improve your brand image . Think Starbucks! To-go containers, cups and bottles should have an attractive and distinct look to build brand recognition. Choose a theme and capitalize on it. A signature color, mood or concept pays off when used well. Then also think about dressing the outside of your business. You will attract customers and visitors with the walls or the window of your building. Not only will customers want to come in, they'll also want to post a photo of their visit! In the end, your brand image is worked on site as on Instagram. Your business on Instagram should reflect what is actually there. The goal is to attract them with your content and impress them once they arrive at your establishment. This is how you will improve your brand image.



Improve a property's ranking without cheating on TripAdvisor

Improve a property's ranking without cheating on TripAdvisor

Getting a better ranking without cheating on TripAdvisor is possible! For most restaurants, TripAdvisor is very important to their success. But how can you climb the ranks on TripAdvisor? How to avoid and respond to a negative review? It is important for restaurants to understand how TripAdvisor's ranking algorithm works. The quality of reviews is a key factor in determining a business's ranking. The TripAdvisor Popularity Index has become a crucial metric for many establishments. Based on customer reviews, a restaurant's ranking on the Popularity Index reflects its comparison with other restaurants in a defined geographic area. Establishments closer to the top of the list are more likely to be viewed. So when potential customers search for restaurants in the area, they land right there.

Ask for customer reviews to be well referenced

It is important to get as much customer feedback as possible. However, it is much more important to listen to them and make their comments operational. The key to building a successful business and getting higher rankings is stellar hospitality and attention to your customers' needs. So it's essential to encourage customers to write reviews , learn from them, and see your hard work pay off. In addition, the ranking of an establishment depends on trends. Thus, review response metrics and track your institution's reputation. You also have the option of signing up for the TripAdvisor review collection program. This helps to know customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of express review tools

Many restaurant owners don't know this, but TripAdvisor offers a free review platform called Review Express. Unlike other sites' inconsistent review solicitation policies, TripAdvisor openly encourages managers to reach out to former guests for new reviews. With Express Review Tools, you can quickly and easily upload a customer database of up to 1,000 email addresses. Then, all you have to do is broadcast a personalized message that guides readers to leave a review. To use this tool, all contacts must be real customers. On the other hand, you should not make a biased selection of downloaded email addresses either.

Respond to negative reviews to improve a property's ranking

From a potential customer's perspective, seeing a negative review with no attempt to respond from the company to remedy the problem is the worst part. A proper response strategy will not only show that you care about customer feedback, but it will also lead the customer to modify their message for a more positive sentiment. You must respond to all negative reviews, even those that you have flagged for deletion. TripAdvisor only allows one response from a manager. Manager responses fall under the same guidelines as reviews. They must therefore be professional, concise and sincere to raise the ranking of an establishment.

Getting Familiar with TripAdvisor Review Guidelines

Improving the ranking of an establishment without cheating on TripAdvisor also means following the rules of the platform. There is a list of guidelines that all users must adhere to. The standard rules regarding language and relevance have caught on. Another consideration is that reviews should be recent and easy to read. If you can familiarize yourself with these guidelines, TripAdvisor gives its users the right to report reviews that violate these basic principles. Even though the site conducts reviews through a 48-hour moderation process, there is still a lot of spam. Marking these negative reviews for deletion can help boost your rankings.

And for marketing follow our advice here.

Reservation software, click n'collect, restaurant delivery

Reservation software, click n'collect, restaurant delivery

Our online reservation software is an indispensable mobile and PC application for marketing your restaurant. Indeed, it allows customers to make reservations. They are done from the restaurant owners' website , Facebook page as well as well-established affiliate networks. This platform can perfectly help companies to grow through its network. The reservation software brings together a large number of restaurants and generates more than 10 million visits per year. Restaurants using our app can accept online reservations with different tools. This is done through their own website, Google search and Google Maps, or through various partner guides.

A dashboard to facilitate the management of reservations

The dashboard offered by our reservation software replaces the paper reservation book. Thus, it becomes a brilliant cloud-based e-book. In addition to automating tasks and controlling when and who can alter valuable reservations , this tool provides solutions for restaurateurs to automate their customer communication and retention.

This solution can be used to manage floor plans and track guest status, allowing restaurants to maximize table turnover. Built-in two-way SMS communication connects restaurants to customers in real time, enabling optimal management of reservations.

Improve the quality of its service thanks to a reservation software

Our reservation software also provides valuable reports that can be used to optimize the quality of your service and reservation management. You could also have important indicators concerning in particular the time slot where it flows the most or even the waiting time.

With this information, you can easily make improvements to your service and thus benefit from a better brand image. This is really essential for a restaurant that also seeks to attract the greatest number of customers to its establishment. And with an improved quality of service, it will be easier for you to achieve your goal.

Offer a personalized service

Data about your customers is stored regularly in a database that you can access on your reservation software. Thanks to this method, you will be able to have useful information such as customer habits, the tables they prefer when they come to your home or the frequency of their visits...

So much data that can help restaurants personalize their service and thus bring added value. The staff will be able to adapt their services according to each client.

Commission-free booking software

Unlike other reservation tools, our reservation software does not collect any commission from restaurants. This is a major advantage, because for each reservation made on the platform, you do not have to pay.

You can additionally benefit from their network traffic. It's really very convenient for restaurants, because reservations are made in real time. Finally, you should know that this platform is available on all different devices, whether mobile or PC.

Top 10: Restaurant marketing strategy

Promoting your restaurant can sometimes be tricky in today's digital world. You need a creative marketing strategy to attract customers and keep them coming back. Before you start marketing to your audience, you need to define who they are. This step is crucial before you can start rolling out your marketing strategy. Indeed, if your audience is not clearly defined, you cannot launch an effective marketing campaign . The clearer you define your target audience, the easier it will be to create content, ads and emails…

Launch contests on social networks

Everyone loves winning freebies, and a social media contest is a fun way to promote your brand. This can help you gain more followers, increase your establishment's visibility, and drive more customers to check out your website. If the winner has never visited your restaurant, this will be an opportunity for them to find out.

The #, real marketing strategy?

Hashtags are a great tool to have in your restaurant marketing strategy. Why are hashtags important to your business? They can help build brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive customers to visit your restaurant.

User Generated Content

User-generated content can make your life easier. By using content your followers post, you can save time and money. 92% of people trust recommendations from other people. Moreover, you can use this information for free. So, your marketing strategy is to make your content go viral.

Marketing strategy: Local SEO

If you only have to choose one of these marketing ideas for your restaurant, you better go with this option. Local SEO is crucial for restaurants. If you're not present when potential customers search in their area, you can't expect to get more business. Therefore, local SEO must appear in your marketing strategy.

Design a website

Having a quality website allows you to reach more customers. You can use the platform to promote your establishment. You'll also want to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. If someone is hungry, the chances of them taking their computer are slim.

Create sponsored ads

In addition to posting on social media, you will also need to create paid posts. Platforms like Facebook offer this kind of service. Some of your followers may see your post, but in order to market your business, you need to have an advertising budget. When you pay to publish your articles, you can choose your target audience, location, and more!

Track follower reactions

Tracking your social media pages consists of checking user reviews, comments, and tagged posts. What are people saying about your restaurant on these platforms? As a catering professional, you should check anything tagged about your business or any reviews posted.

Launch a loyalty program

A loyalty program is a great way to increase your sales. One way to engage your customers in your program is to get customer emails. These programs encourage customers to return regularly. This marketing strategy allows you to keep your customers for the long term.

Suggest a blog

Blogging might seem like the last thing you want to do for your restaurant, but it can be a great way to share recipes, tips, and tricks. It can also help you with SEO for your main website.

Emailing, a good marketing strategy for restaurants?

Email marketing is an essential marketing strategy that all businesses, even restaurants, should use. Note that not all emails should be used to sell your restaurant. You can offer your customers quality content to encourage them to open your emails.

10 tips for optimizing your restaurant Instagram account

10 tips for optimizing your restaurant Instagram account

Where there is engagement on Instagram, there is increased traffic to your restaurant. Thus, it can be said that Instagram is the most influential social media for businesses. E-commerce sites and fashion brands can have such high engagement that products sell out within days. In effect, customers use their Instagram account like they used a brand's website. Hashtags are explored, content reviewed, and similar Instagram accounts scroll by . As such, this research serves to weave together a picture of the brand's overall identity. Restaurants, although they cannot sell food directly from a post, can benefit from a similar commitment.

The use of geotag

A geotag associates a location with where a photo was taken . Adding geolocation to an Instagram post, like your restaurant or an event location, helps locals search for you. Viewing this information also helps new customers find your Instagram account and visit your restaurant.

The use of hashtags

A hashtag is a keyword word or phrase preceded by a hash, otherwise known as the pound sign (#). It is used in an article via web networking media. It helps people who may be interested in your theme to discover your account. So when they search for a specific slogan or hashtag, they may come across your photo. It helps people notice your posts, boosts communication, and gets your Instagram account discovered on the # page.

Use hashtags sparingly

Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant. They must be consistent with your publications and not be repeated too many times. Instagram is notorious for cracking down on those who try to use hashtags inappropriately. Thus, the visibility of your Instagram account in reaction is reduced if you misuse them.

Participate in events

A great thing about Instagram is that you'll see all local events first. You will be able to choose the events at which you wish to represent your food company. Research local art fairs, music venues, and social events your followers frequent. Then ask them if they have room for other food vendors.

Share unique event photos to your Instagram account

During the event, take photos with the locals, photos of the food you serve, and photos of the scenery. In other words, let it be known that you are at the event and show what you offer. Also, use a geotag that shows you are at the event.

Distribute photos before an event

Before an event you book, use your Instagram account to tell your followers where you will be. Create photos that will attract users to you. Reach out to Instagram influencers and offer incentives to come see you at the event and take Instagram-worthy photos to post.

Offer rewards for sharing photos from your Instagram account

You can perfectly use your loyalty program to boost the sharing of your Instagram account. You have the opportunity to earn double points for loyal customers who post your dishes on Instagram. Get creative while offering rewards to encourage more shares.

Collaborate with influencers

There are people whose job it is to influence others on social media. They've built a career by being who they are, and people look to them for information on what to wear, where to buy, and most importantly, where to eat. It is therefore interesting to collaborate with an influencer so that their fans consult your Instagram account and flock to your establishment.

The perception of your Instagram account

Millennials are more likely to visit your Instagram feed than check your Google reviews. While your reviews are always a vital part of your web presence and overall marketing plan, having a weak Instagram account can be just as detrimental as having a negative review. The more customers you have to interact with you and post their own photos, the more likely new customers will come to see you.

Increase your SEO footprint

With the focus on social media engagement, it's no surprise that local SEO results are heavily impacted by your customers' interaction and engagement on social media sites. Having a large number of followers who share your photos, hashtag your business name, and like your posts can mean your business list is higher when locals search for a nearby restaurant.