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Follow our digital CHR training!

Training is not our main activity, it complements our services. In subcontracting with a partner training organization, follow our digital training CHR (Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants). Gain autonomy and increase your skills to take your restaurant to the top. By accessing our digital CHR training, bring the best to your employees and your establishment.

What does our digital CHR training bring?

Through our digital CHR training, develop your knowledge of digital communication to better control your actions. In addition, inform your entire team about the overall functioning of your establishment. With full knowledge of the facts, you will be able to adapt your projects and make them as efficient as possible in complete autonomy.

How to access our digital CHR training?

Skills operators (OPCO) can help you financially to access our digital CHR training if you have fewer than 50 employees. Indeed, their objective is to support employees in their skills development, which is very beneficial for VSEs and SMEs. For more information, you can contact the OPCO in your branch (restaurant: OPCO Commerce).

What are the themes of our digital CHR training?

● Know how to answer and manage customer reviews on the internet (1 day)
● Implementing effective digital communication (2 days)
● Improve your visibility on the internet (1 day)
● Create advertising campaigns on the internet (1 day)
● Be autonomous in updating its website (1 day)
● Master the image and reputation of your establishment (2 days)
● Animate and develop a community on social networks (2 days)
● Create your website (3days)
● Optimize the presence of your establishment on the internet and social networks (3 days)
● Acquire new customers thanks to new technologies (4 days)

NB: DIGITAL CHR does not teach you how to use software or pro-software. Our digital CHR training courses focus on learning the basics of digital communication.

What are the benefits of our digital CHR training?

● Location: in your establishment;
● Times and dates: Fixed according to your availability;
● No travel costs;
● Interactivity and concrete examples;
● Duration: Adaptation to your schedule (possibility of working half-days so that you can ensure your service and benefit from your break in the afternoon);
● No loss of time (organization according to your restaurant).

Some key figures :

● In 2018, 28% of restaurateurs used digital solutions for their business;
● In 2019, 115% increase in delivery application download;
● 1 satisfied customer talks about it to 2/3 people while a dissatisfied customer talks about it to 10 people (important management of reviews);
● In 2020, 9/10 people consult the establishment's website or social networks before going to a restaurant;
● More than 50% of customers consult the sites on their smartphone.