One of the advantages of the Internet is the plethora of tools made available to manage one's activity. Among these tools, an essential FREE tool: Google Analytics. Let's take a closer look at its characteristics and what added value it brings to your brand.

Did you say Google Analytics??

Google Analytics is therefore a free service for analyzing the performance of your site. Therefore, it is available to anyone with a Google account. In addition, it provides statistics but also basic analytical tools aimed at optimizing the referencing of your site and its content. But not only since it also allows you to calculate the impact of your marketing operations. Specifically, this tool allows you to:

  • View your site traffic data on a dashboard, scorecards, charts over time periods you choose
  • Analyze the impact of your communication campaigns
  • Understand what people are looking for on your site, which pages attract them, which ones they lose interest in
  • Understand how the public arrives on your site (keywords, social networks, IP address, etc.)
  • Identify the weak link of the site in the purchasing process of your customers; know when they abandon their buying process
  • Know if you need to develop a mobile version of your site…

Why do you need Google Analytics?

From now on, having a website is essential to exist on the web, among other restaurants, caterers and hotels... But having a site is not everything. To start, you have to optimize your content and SEO. And for that, Google Analytics prevents you from advancing blindly. This tool will tell you what interest(s) visitors find on your site, what information captivates them the most or the least. If we take the example of a restaurant, this allows you to adjust your menu almost in real time, to highlight a menu in the dining room, a dish that is unanimously accepted on your site. For example, if you have read our article on the impact of social networks on your brand , and you have started, then Google Analytics still serves you. It will inform you, for example, of the ability of your social networks to refer to your site and vice versa! Even better, if you invest in a marketing operation, Google Analytics will tell you whether or not it was a convincing investment and why. This gives you so many keys to adjust your communication strategy at any time and stick as closely as possible to the expectations of your prospects and customers. Associate this information with the animation of your social networks , helps us to better study the behavior of your customers.

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