One of the essential elements for restaurant success today is a quality website that showcases the brand and is easy for customers to use. An effective restaurant website can showcase your business. In addition, it is useful for customers and helps to retain them. Too many restaurants rely solely on their Facebook page. Whether on vacation, tired after a long day at work, or simply looking for a special place to hang out at night, consumers are highly interested in finding the next great restaurant to satisfy their hunger . Thus, it is essential to offer them a platform that will meet their needs. Discover in the next lines the 6 essential elements for your restaurant website.

Display key info on your restaurant website

Unlike many websites, the goal of a restaurant website is not to keep the visitor waiting. You want to turn every visitor into a customer, who decides to visit your establishment or place an order.

Most of your customers are looking for quick information on hours, address, phone number, menu options and prices. It is therefore essential to put this information at the top of the website.

A mobile-friendly website

It is essential that the restaurant website is adapted to mobile devices. More than 50% of Internet users consult sites on their smartphone. The numbers are likely much higher for people looking for restaurant information.

A mobile-friendly design should look and work like an app, not a miniature version of your site. Your customers shouldn't need to perform overly complicated gestures to see your website.

Highlight menus

Customers visiting a restaurant website shouldn't expect to receive a PDF of your physical menu when they search. Menus should be pages or a section of text and images.

Customers don't like having to wait for a PDF file to open. Of course, it's great that you spent the money on a nice menu design. You can always configure the PDF menu as an optional link at the bottom of your site.

Highlight your menu features on your website

Do you have gluten free, vegetarian or other menu options? Highlight them in your restaurant website menus.

You can also create separate pages for these options on your website, where you explain in detail why these choices are available.

The phone number should initiate a call

The phone number prominently displayed at the top of your restaurant website should encourage a call for any customer tapping the number on their mobile device.

Typically, a customer looking for information about your restaurant will be someone in their car, often with family or friends. Moreover, he can use technologies like Siri to perform this operation. A skilled developer can configure this easily.

A real website and not just the social media page

There are so many restaurants that don't have websites, just a Facebook page. Worse still, some establishments don't have an online presence except on sites like Google.

Your restaurant should have its own website to promote your brand. Your customers want to check out a restaurant website where they can get all their questions answered. In addition, your website will allow you to make a multitude of services available to your customers: Click & collect, delivery, marketing, etc.

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