If you don't know Instagram, it's a social network that allows you to edit and share your photos and videos from a smartphone. The app has almost a billion users worldwide and more than 12 million in France. An opportunity for you restaurateur, to increase your visibility but also your reservations and to retain your customers! Explanations:

Instagram followers: a real bargaining chip! #digitalchr

It makes sense: the more followers a user has on Instagram, the more visibility his posts will have and the more he will increase his virality. Let's understand the term virality, which is essential to master in any web strategy. Virality is a “phenomenon of rapid dissemination of content via the Internet”. Thus, on Instagram, this notion is blatant. A first person shares a post on Instagram and each interaction (like, reshare, comment, etc.) increases its virality on the social network. This is why the more subscribers a user has, the more impact he has on the web and the more you are interested in him. And if you are interested in it, it is because it has the power to disseminate information about your business and therefore to advertise you at a lower cost. And if he is interested, he can, for example, monetize this to lower his bill!

Concretely, how to benefit from the popularity of your customers?

Simply by asking them for an action. That of photographing their dish, or the decoration of the restaurant, any photogenic element in short, by adding your name via a hashtag and a direct location! Note that the notion of “instagrammability” is increasingly present in consumers' purchasing reflexes. If your place can look good in photos, it's a direct incentive for the customer to post on your place. Once the snapshot has been taken and posted, you will evaluate at checkout the power of the account in question on the social network. Customers show their post when paying and the cashier calculates the discount he can give! A win-win logic to increase your visibility and retain your customers!

If you are not yet present on social networks, Digital CHR tells you why this has become a must for any hotel-restaurant !