Our online reservation software is an indispensable mobile and PC application for marketing your restaurant. Indeed, it allows customers to make reservations. They are done from the restaurant owners' website , Facebook page as well as well-established affiliate networks. This platform can perfectly help companies to grow through its network. The reservation software brings together a large number of restaurants and generates more than 10 million visits per year. Restaurants using our app can accept online reservations with different tools. This is done through their own website, Google search and Google Maps, or through various partner guides.

A dashboard to facilitate the management of reservations

The dashboard offered by our reservation software replaces the paper reservation book. Thus, it becomes a brilliant cloud-based e-book. In addition to automating tasks and controlling when and who can alter valuable reservations , this tool provides solutions for restaurateurs to automate their customer communication and retention.

This solution can be used to manage floor plans and track guest status, allowing restaurants to maximize table turnover. Built-in two-way SMS communication connects restaurants to customers in real time, enabling optimal management of reservations.

Improve the quality of its service thanks to a reservation software

Our reservation software also provides valuable reports that can be used to optimize the quality of your service and reservation management. You could also have important indicators concerning in particular the time slot where it flows the most or even the waiting time.

With this information, you can easily make improvements to your service and thus benefit from a better brand image. This is really essential for a restaurant that also seeks to attract the greatest number of customers to its establishment. And with an improved quality of service, it will be easier for you to achieve your goal.

Offer a personalized service

Data about your customers is stored regularly in a database that you can access on your reservation software. Thanks to this method, you will be able to have useful information such as customer habits, the tables they prefer when they come to your home or the frequency of their visits...

So much data that can help restaurants personalize their service and thus bring added value. The staff will be able to adapt their services according to each client.

Commission-free booking software

Unlike other reservation tools, our reservation software does not collect any commission from restaurants. This is a major advantage, because for each reservation made on the platform, you do not have to pay.

You can additionally benefit from their network traffic. It's really very convenient for restaurants, because reservations are made in real time. Finally, you should know that this platform is available on all different devices, whether mobile or PC.