Where there is engagement on Instagram, there is increased traffic to your restaurant. Thus, it can be said that Instagram is the most influential social media for businesses. E-commerce sites and fashion brands can have such high engagement that products sell out within days. In effect, customers use their Instagram account like they used a brand's website. Hashtags are explored, content reviewed, and similar Instagram accounts scroll by . As such, this research serves to weave together a picture of the brand's overall identity. Restaurants, although they cannot sell food directly from a post, can benefit from a similar commitment.

The use of geotag

A geotag associates a location with where a photo was taken . Adding geolocation to an Instagram post, like your restaurant or an event location, helps locals search for you. Viewing this information also helps new customers find your Instagram account and visit your restaurant.

The use of hashtags

A hashtag is a keyword word or phrase preceded by a hash, otherwise known as the pound sign (#). It is used in an article via web networking media. It helps people who may be interested in your theme to discover your account. So when they search for a specific slogan or hashtag, they may come across your photo. It helps people notice your posts, boosts communication, and gets your Instagram account discovered on the # page.

Use hashtags sparingly

Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant. They must be consistent with your publications and not be repeated too many times. Instagram is notorious for cracking down on those who try to use hashtags inappropriately. Thus, the visibility of your Instagram account in reaction is reduced if you misuse them.

Participate in events

A great thing about Instagram is that you'll see all local events first. You will be able to choose the events at which you wish to represent your food company. Research local art fairs, music venues, and social events your followers frequent. Then ask them if they have room for other food vendors.

Share unique event photos to your Instagram account

During the event, take photos with the locals, photos of the food you serve, and photos of the scenery. In other words, let it be known that you are at the event and show what you offer. Also, use a geotag that shows you are at the event.

Distribute photos before an event

Before an event you book, use your Instagram account to tell your followers where you will be. Create photos that will attract users to you. Reach out to Instagram influencers and offer incentives to come see you at the event and take Instagram-worthy photos to post.

Offer rewards for sharing photos from your Instagram account

You can perfectly use your loyalty program to boost the sharing of your Instagram account. You have the opportunity to earn double points for loyal customers who post your dishes on Instagram. Get creative while offering rewards to encourage more shares.

Collaborate with influencers

There are people whose job it is to influence others on social media. They've built a career by being who they are, and people look to them for information on what to wear, where to buy, and most importantly, where to eat. It is therefore interesting to collaborate with an influencer so that their fans consult your Instagram account and flock to your establishment.

The perception of your Instagram account

Millennials are more likely to visit your Instagram feed than check your Google reviews. While your reviews are always a vital part of your web presence and overall marketing plan, having a weak Instagram account can be just as detrimental as having a negative review. The more customers you have to interact with you and post their own photos, the more likely new customers will come to see you.

Increase your SEO footprint

With the focus on social media engagement, it's no surprise that local SEO results are heavily impacted by your customers' interaction and engagement on social media sites. Having a large number of followers who share your photos, hashtag your business name, and like your posts can mean your business list is higher when locals search for a nearby restaurant.