Restaurants in Nantes: 7 discoveries for the holidays!

Christmas decorations and the traditional Nantes Christmas market are well and truly installed in the city center. And in less than 3 weeks, the 12 strokes of midnight will already announce the new year 2019. On this occasion, your best favorite restaurants in Nantes will offer you meals specially designed for this month of end-of-year celebrations. Let's take an overview of some of these restaurants in Nantes that are offering a special event for the occasion!

Celebrate New Year's Eve in the restaurants of Nantes.

At the end of the year, celebrate New Year's Eve in the restaurants of Nantes located in the city center. Discover La 500, La vespa des Carmes and La vache Nantaise. These restaurants concoct menus with small onions. Savor at La 500 a sublime Tournedos Rossini of your choice with scallops on a skewer . Or opt for La Vespa des Carmes which offers pan-fried scallops and filet of beef Rossini ! At La Vache Nantaise, you will melt for the Gravla of salmon, vodka and dill cream . On the outskirts of Nantes, the Atelier welcomes you to Carquefou on the 31st for an evening of music during which the chef will serve you his special menu. Then in Sucé-sur-Edre, La Cabane invites you to celebrate New Year's Eve by the water.

To celebrate the New Year by eating and dancing.

And yes, our beautiful city of Nantes is full of festive spirits who, beyond enjoying a good meal, also want to move! The Loco and the Cowhide have thought of them! La Loco welcomes you near the castle of the Dukes of Brittany for a thematic New Year's Eve party: "Dance & Party Favors" . When at the Peau de Vache in Orvault , it offers a dancing evening around an exceptional meal!

Make your choices and don't forget to book!!

SMS: to be even closer to your customers!

SMS: to be even closer to your customers!

The advent of smartphones has literally changed our lives. Our lives, but also our modes of communication! Today, 50 billion text messages are sent every quarter in France and 72% of French people want to receive so-called “information” text messages. Let's take a look at the added value that SMS brings to your brand and how you can collect the support of your site visitors to start working on an SMS database. Then, let's see how when and how to use it.

 SMS: pamper your customer.

The SMS is received almost instantaneously and 99% opened by the customer. The message is short and passes immediately. So we can use the power of synchronicity. For example, an SMS such as: “Come for lunch this afternoon! On the occasion of Halloween, we offer you a glass of red wine! “, sent between 12 and 1 p.m. can directly condition the place where the receiver will finally have lunch. Note that 29% of receivers go to a point of sale after receiving an SMS. Concretely, an SMS communication campaign allows you to:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Send information and offers with particular efficiency for the dissemination of time-limited offers thus generating traffic
  • Receive orders
  • Confirm a reservation/order and save time.

How to work an SMS campaign?

First of all, THE crucial point of your campaign: the database. Of course, the importance of word of mouth should not be overlooked. But there are also very simple techniques to recover the number of your customers as well as their approval to receive messages from you. For example, the reduction coupon/gift to be completed allows you to retrieve the desired data (name, first name, telephone, etc.) and thanks to the reduction on it, you are guaranteed that the customer will return it to you. An inexpensive win-win solution! Then you will have to define a clear and concise message which means here a message of less than 160 characters. Then choose the appropriate time for sending the SMS. That is to say when they are available, better being in the morning between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m., at noon between 12 and 1 p.m. and at the end of the day between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. Then finally, do not drown them in messages otherwise they will unsubscribe!

LGet started, Digital CHR is at your side to make your campaign a success!




Google analytics: Presentation and added value for your brand!

Google analytics: Presentation and added value for your brand!

One of the advantages of the Internet is the plethora of tools made available to manage one's activity. Among these tools, an essential FREE tool: Google Analytics. Let's take a closer look at its characteristics and what added value it brings to your brand.

Did you say Google Analytics??

Google Analytics is therefore a free service for analyzing the performance of your site. Therefore, it is available to anyone with a Google account. In addition, it provides statistics but also basic analytical tools aimed at optimizing the referencing of your site and its content. But not only since it also allows you to calculate the impact of your marketing operations. Specifically, this tool allows you to:

  • View your site traffic data on a dashboard, scorecards, charts over time periods you choose
  • Analyze the impact of your communication campaigns
  • Understand what people are looking for on your site, which pages attract them, which ones they lose interest in
  • Understand how the public arrives on your site (keywords, social networks, IP address, etc.)
  • Identify the weak link of the site in the purchasing process of your customers; know when they abandon their buying process
  • Know if you need to develop a mobile version of your site…

Why do you need Google Analytics?

From now on, having a website is essential to exist on the web, among other restaurants, caterers and hotels... But having a site is not everything. To start, you have to optimize your content and SEO. And for that, Google Analytics prevents you from advancing blindly. This tool will tell you what interest(s) visitors find on your site, what information captivates them the most or the least. If we take the example of a restaurant, this allows you to adjust your menu almost in real time, to highlight a menu in the dining room, a dish that is unanimously accepted on your site. For example, if you have read our article on the impact of social networks on your brand , and you have started, then Google Analytics still serves you. It will inform you, for example, of the ability of your social networks to refer to your site and vice versa! Even better, if you invest in a marketing operation, Google Analytics will tell you whether or not it was a convincing investment and why. This gives you so many keys to adjust your communication strategy at any time and stick as closely as possible to the expectations of your prospects and customers. Associate this information with the animation of your social networks , helps us to better study the behavior of your customers.

DIGITAL CHR takes care of registering you to have the audience and up-to-date attendance on your website.


SEO or the art of increasing your visibility on the Internet!

SEO or the art of increasing your visibility on the Internet!

SEO is simply the English anagram of “Search Engine Optimization”. In French, it is translated by the expression “natural referencing”. But if we summarize it in 3 letters, it can make a difference in your online marketing strategy! Let's take an overview of this real content strategy. How it works and why it is important for you to integrate it into your communications!

SEO: What is it and how does it work?

To remain concrete, using SEO consists of adapting your web content. This in order to appear more often in the search results of Internet users. In 3 words, it serves to: INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY! As far as the West is concerned, the giant Google concentrates between 75 and more than 90% of the searches carried out. As a result, it is Google that dictates the SEO laws there. Google analyzes sites based on:

  • Content : keywords, sentence length, number of words per sentence, percentage of transition words used, etc.
  • Design : metadata (these are all the data used to characterize and structure digital content), hierarchy, Hn tags, etc.

Why adopt the SEO reflex?

En travaillant votre référencement naturel, vous facilitez la compréhension et l’indexation de votre contenu par les moteurs de recherche. Or, plus votre site web est performant pour les moteurs de recherche, plus ils seront susceptibles de le recommander ou de le proposer en résultat de recherche aux utilisateurs. Cela, en identifiant les mots-clés les plus pertinents en rapport avec votre offre de produit ou de service. Par exemple, DIGITAL CHR se classe n° 1 Google lorsque vous tapez « Création de site internet et de vidéos de restaurants à Nantes ». Mais aussi n° 1 sur “formations digitales restaurant”  sur toute la France. Alors si 34% des internautes ayant fait une recherche dans un commerce local, le visite dans la journée, vous comprenez vite la pertinence d’un tel outil pour votre développer le trafic dans votre commerce !

We will find your marketing positioning by keywords, contact us for an appointment!


E-commerce: What added value for a restaurant or caterer?

E-commerce: What added value for a restaurant or caterer?

“E-commerce” means any transaction carried out via the Internet. In the catering sector, these are all orders placed and paid for online. Impossible to ignore, the ballet of bicycle delivery men in the streets of the city will not have escaped anyone! E-commerce in the restaurant sector is booming! Let's take a closer look at what returns on investment brands can achieve.

From e-commerce to “Food tech”.

En France, 5 milliards de dollars ont été investis en 2015 dans ce que l’on appelle la Food Tech. Des investissements exponentiels puisqu’ils équivalent les investissements effectués en 10 ans entre 2004 et 2014. De plus, un vocabulaire lui est dédié ! Preuve supplémentaire que le secteur de la restauration a quelque chose à retirer de ses nouvelles techniques de commerce. La “Food tech” représente le nuage d’acteurs qui utilisent les solutions numériques au service de la chaine alimentaire. Ainsi, cela va du producteur jusqu’au consommateur final et même les services de coaching alimentaire. Et cela ne va pas s’arrêter d’après une étude de Kantar WorldPanel. Elle estime à 130 milliards de dollars les ventes du e-commerce alimentaire d’ici 2028.

Concretely, what added value for my brand?

For starters, an online presence allows you to be where your customers are ! As blatant as delivery men on bicycles, people glued to their smartphones demonstrate the advent of a tool that can be used for everything, including eating. So you need tools to attract them. Today the touts that filled your shops have become virtual ! And these tools allow the customer to find his way, to know your offer, your positioning, but also the opinions of your customers. 88% of people consult menus and customer reviews before pushing the door of a restaurant or caterer! Beyond this guarantee for the customer, the web allows you to develop your menus to infinity and to inspire with photos and videos. And for this, the multimedia tool offers many more possibilities and creativity than any physical card will ever allow!

A comprehensive offer to surf on consumer needs

DIGITAL CHR offers an offer that can include your e-commerce site on a specific product (burger, pizza, seafood, sandwich, etc.) to take away. For example, your restaurant offers à la carte pizzas, why not also sell them on the website from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. & from 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.? Just export the prices from the card and take the photos to put everything online. We take care of it from start to finish and you receive the payment on your company account (without it going through our bank) as an in-store payment. + 15% additional sales over the year are observed for a brewery. A sale that you would not have made without this tool with this type of clientele who are fans of their smartphone and the applications it contains.

So make an appointment at www.digitalchr.fr and benefit from all our expertise to implement these new best practices!


Community Management: a must for your CHR!

Community Management: a must for your CHR!

Community management, literally "Community management" refers to the relationships that a restaurant or hotel develops with its community on social networks. The term also encompasses the opportunities for online interaction that it uses to animate and federate this community. In France, the most used networks are Facebook (75%), Twitter (65%), Linkedin (65%) and finally Youtube (54%). Let's understand together the advantages of a good Community Management (CM) strategy and how Digital CHR can quickly become essential to you!

Community Management: what are the advantages for your CHR?

To begin with, the CM makes it possible to make your brand exist online in a particularly dynamic way. This is the multimedia advantage! More than that, it makes your brand or sign lively and interactive. For Digital CHR, being present on social networks means:

  • Have a reactive tool to highlight customer reviews but also manage their complaints
  • Build customer loyalty, turn them into “fans”, vectors of communication
  • Gain influencers and therefore new customers
  • Extend your network, partnerships
  • Get information about your customers
  • Take care of your image.

A HOOTSUITE study dating from 2017 discerns 2 objectives for the use of Community management in companies. A first communication objective; 74% of companies use social media to maintain or increase their notoriety, 60% to manage their online image (e-reputation). Second no less negligible objective: raise turnover! 45% of companies use social networks to generate prospects (called "leads" in the jargon). 32% use them for customer reviews.

Who takes care of Community Management?

Knowing what Community Management is is good. However, it is equally important to know the person in charge of it in a company. New fashionable profession, the Community Manager is in charge of the community of the establishment for which he works. Its role is to animate the social networks, to control the brand image, to increase the visibility and to communicate on the values of a company. From now on, the Community Manager is an essential person within an establishment. Social networks and SEO have taken on such importance that doing without such an element would be a big mistake.

Why will you no longer be able to do without Digital CHR?

Digital CHR has been present in the field of Community management for 5 years now and manages 55 catering and hotel establishments in Nantes, Rennes, Vannes, Lorient, Angers, Paris . In addition to a perfect knowledge of CM issues, www.digitalchr.fr is also an expertise in the field of catering. Your interlocutors know your constraints and are there to relieve you and allow you to stay focused on your core business. Create websites, videos, animate your social networks, work on your e-reputation to bring you new customers and retain your customers, this is our passion!

Take advantage of a 3-month non-binding trial on your online communication to get started! Your customers are waiting for you on the net!

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