About 15 years after the launch of the first social networks, they have now become completely and undeniably essential. We can see the impact of social networks with a few figures: of the 7.6 billion inhabitants of the planet, half are connected to the Internet and 3.3 billion of them are active on social networks. Facebook in the lead, quickly followed by the famous Instagram. But what are the challenges for your café, restaurant, hotel?

 Be present where your customers are!

The fact is of an unstoppable logic especially for a business: the impact of social networks is very present. Social networks already reach millions of people in France alone (including 26 million daily users just for Facebook). Their audience continues to grow, which means that your customers are already there or will soon be there! Even more interesting, while you are wondering if it would be good to allocate a "social networks" budget to your communication, your competitors are already on it. So it's time to react, get up to date and show what you do in your establishment.

An identity on the Internet to face the competition.

It's decided, you get started, you start investing in these digital media for your restaurant, your hotel, but this, in the midst of increased competition! Despite this, the magic of the Internet allows you to really stand out because the impact of social networks is powerful. Your visual identity but also and above all the content of your publications and the way you interact with Internet users allow you to differentiate yourself, to attract, to create proximity with your audience or even to surprise them! The Internet also offers a powerful tool: reviews. They are a guarantee of credibility and can make new customers want to come to your establishment.

Chez Digital CHR à Nantes, Rennes, Vannes, Lorient, Angers & Paris nous proposons des solutions réseaux sociaux pour les cafés, hôtels, restaurants, traiteurs, discothèques avec des publications continuent et rigoureuses. Nous mettons en œuvre notre outil de planification de “posts” pour que vous bénéficiez de l’impact des réseaux sociaux. Nous synchronisons la même photo sur Facebook, Instagram, twitter, pinterest ou encore Linkedin. Le choix de ces supports médias est déterminé ensemble. Voir notre offre.

Keep this in mind: A rewarding presence on the Internet can transform an Internet user into a future customer!

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