Opinion: 10 tips to answer it

90% of French people consult online reviews before venturing into a new restaurant. A major asset for customers who wish to find out more, they can sometimes be a real problem for CHR professionals.

However, when used well, reviews become real assets. Today, our team brings you its expert advice to make it easier for you to answer your questions.

1 – Respond to ALL reviews!

Whether positive or negative, it is important to respond to all reviews. This allows tocreate a linkwith your customers and show them that their feedback matters.

2 – Do not answer hot????

You come across an opinion and it makes you boil, do not answer right away! Take the time to calm down, do another activity and come back to it with a rested head. This will avoid overly hasty and sometimes virulent responses.

3 – Thank your customers????

Whether the opinion is positive or negative, it is important to saythank youto your customers. They have taken the time to leave a comment on your establishment.

4 – Don't forget Tripadvisor

A true source of inspiration and investigation for customers, Tripadvisor is a world-famous platform where opinions follow one another. Here too, the answers are expected by customers and future customers.

Little tips:if your rating on Tripadvisor is lower than that of Google,invite all customers who have posted positive reviews on your Google page to post them on your Tripadvisor page.

5 – Have fun????

Some customers sometimes leave reviews with a little humor. Reveal your comic side too and don't hesitate tojokes or puns(while remaining correct).

6 – Adapt your answers

Avoid copying – pasting and makepersonalized answersfor each review. This makes the answer more genuine and sincere.

Little tips:you can also include emojis, this will make your answer more sympathetic.

7 – Take note????

Some negative reviews are still relevant. A dish not as good as the others, a problem with the team in the dining room… Analyze the reviews and take the opportunity toimprove yourself!

8 – Invite your customers to speak to you directly

Everything is going well ? A small key phrase that sometimes triggers the comments and needs of your customers. It's time to collectlive reviewsand resolve the situation if possible directly on the spot. For those who fall through the cracks, and post their opinion on the internet, you can also in your written response, invite them to come and see you for the next few times.

9 – Take advantage of it for SEO!????

Opinions are a real way to improve your natural referencing. The more reviews you have, the easier Google's algorithm will find you.

Little tips:by mentioning the name of your establishment in your answer, you help increase your SEO. Example: Thank you for your feedback on our article which goes straight to the????See you soon at Digital CHR!

10 – Delegate

The CHR sector is a sector that requires a lot of time and energy. Between the management of orders, customers, the preparation of menus… It is normal that the management of reviews, reservations, communication… is no longer/not your priority. At Digital CHR, we provide you with an ultra friendly and professional team to help you.

Do not hesitate to contact us ! Promise we don't bite????