Veganism has become more than just a trend, it's now a global movement. And a growing number of people around the world are choosing to embrace this lifestyle. We increasingly live in a health-conscious society. Many people are more selective about what they want or what they can eat. Consumer preferences seem to indicate that vegetarian options are no longer just new. If you want to attract millennials to your establishment, consider offering vegetarian options. It has become an essential marketing element for most restaurants. According to a recent study, nearly 45% of young consumers regularly eat vegetarian foods or follow a vegan diet.

Attract a wider audience

When people dine together, they want to choose a place where everyone can find dishes that meet their dietary, health or taste requirements. If 45% of young consumers prefer to eat vegetarian, then in this kind of situation, there is about a 50% chance that everyone in this group will choose vegan dishes.

What happens when you don't offer dishes that meet these preferences? Chances are these people are looking for another place to eat. So, if your menu is not diverse, your restaurant may be losing potential new customers. Thus, offering vegetarians turns out to be the best alternative to meet everyone's needs.

Offer vegetarian

Veganism is trending. But that doesn't mean there aren't any meat eaters, and some are even considered flexitarians. These people might have a diet that resembles a vegetarian most of the time, with occasional meat consumption. Thus, offering vegetarian is not an offer to be neglected.

Consumers continue to question food choices. There is more public awareness of food than there has ever been. With the booming information age, it has become easier for consumers to find reliable information on blogs. Adapting your menu entirely to vegans may not be the wisest decision, especially if your restaurant does not have this association. But providing more choice is something most, if not all, restaurants can do.

Capitalize on a trend

Some companies see these dietary changes as an opportunity to capitalize on a trend. Certainly, every restaurant should be aware of the trends and changes in their industry. Failure to do so could mean missing valuable opportunities or losing competitive advantage. Hence the fact of being interested in offering vegetarian food on its menu.

Many establishments adapt and update their menus over time, especially new restaurants that are just beginning to understand the target market. But some established brands will struggle to move away from the image they've worked hard to grow into, and will always appeal to a certain type of customer. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

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