Digital CHR at Serbotel 2023: Revolutionizing digital solutions for the catering sector

Digital CHR at Serbotel 2023: Revolutionizing digital solutions for the catering sector

Nantes, France – From October 22 to 25, 2023, Digital CHR will actively participate in the Serbotel trade fair, thus establishing its leading position in the field of digital solutions for the catering sector. At stand 126 in hall 1, visitors' attention will be captivated by various animations with their innovative solutions and their expertise in the digitalization of reservation processes, take-out sales, payment at the table and management of social networks.

Complete digital solutions for restaurants

Digital CHR is recognized as the only supplier on the French market to offer a full range of digital solutions for restaurants. At Serbotel, they will present their services & products to professionals in the catering industry.

Stand 126 in hall 1: A meeting point for restaurateurs

Strategically located in Hall 1, the Digital CHR stand has quickly become a meeting place for restaurateurs and entrepreneurs looking to optimize their operations and improve their online presence. Digital CHR experts will be on hand to provide live demonstrations and answer questions from visitors interested in their innovative solutions.

salon Serbotel 2023

Online booking solution : Simplify your booking process

One of the main attractions of the Digital CHR stand is their online booking solution with integration into cash desks. This advanced technology allows restaurants to efficiently manage their reservations, reducing errors and optimizing the process. Visitors will notice the easy-to-use interface, which allows customers to book a table with just a few clicks.

Take-Out Made Easy : Meet Growing Demand

Digital CHR will also highlight its takeaway solution, responding to the growing demand from customers who want to order takeaway meals. With this feature, restaurateurs can offer their customers a convenient and frictionless experience for ordering and picking up their takeout meals. There is integration with certain cash registers on the market.

Payment at the table: Simplify the payment process

Digital CHR also offers a payment at the table solution, thus offering restaurants the possibility of simplifying the payment process for their customers. With this solution, diners can pay their bill directly at their table, without waiting for the bill and using different payment methods, including contactless payments.

Simplified social media management: Strengthen your online presence

But Digital CHR does not stop there. A social network management service will also be presented, an essential tool for restaurants wishing to strengthen their online presence and interact with their customers. With advanced automated posting, performance tracking and analytics features, restaurateurs can optimize their social media communication and boost their visibility.

A complete 360° service for restaurants

The Digital CHR team took the opportunity to highlight the advantages of choosing a single provider for all the necessary IT solutions. They highlighted the simplicity and consistency of having a single monthly invoice to meet all restaurant needs, allowing owners to focus on their core business.

Conferences and training sessions to share their expertise

Beyond their presence at the show, Digital CHR will organize conferences to share their knowledge and expertise with the public. These educational sessions were highly appreciated by visitors who were able to benefit from an overview of the latest trends and best practices in the field of digitalization of restaurants.

Consolidation of the leading position on the French market

Serbotel 2023 is an invaluable opportunity for future DIGITAL CHR customers to consolidate their turnover DIGITAL CHR is in a leading position on the French market for 360° digital solutions for catering. Their dynamic presence and innovative solutions have captured the attention of many industry professionals and enhanced their reputation as a trusted company.

Pioneers of digital solutions for catering in France since 2013

Digital CHR continues to push the boundaries of technology to provide restaurants with the tools to thrive in the digital age. Thanks to their participation in Serbotel 2023, they will be able to prove once again that they are the undisputed pioneers of digital solutions for the catering sector in France.


Article by Amelie Roué – 2023 Editor CHR magazine.


Good environmental practices in the hotel and restaurant sector

Good environmental practices in the hotel and restaurant sector


The hotel and catering industry plays a crucial role in preserving the environment. By adopting green practices, it is possible to drastically reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainability significantly.

Waste management

The implementation of an effective selective sorting system encourages the recycling of paper, plastic and glass, which makes it possible to reduce the quantity of non-recyclable waste. In addition, by avoiding excessive over-packaging and promoting the use of reusable containers, establishments can minimize the overall volume of waste generated.

Responsible water consumption.

Implementing water-saving devices, such as low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets, can result in significant savings. By educating staff and customers on the importance of water conservation, it is possible to preserve this precious resource for future generations.

Use renewable energy sources

The transition to the use of renewable energies is a major step in reducing the environmental impact of hotel and restaurant establishments. By installing solar panels on roofs, it is possible to generate clean electricity, while significantly reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources. At the same time, the adoption of energy-efficient LED bulbs allows substantial electricity savings.

Choose local and sustainable food sources

The choice of a local and sustainable supply is essential to reduce the carbon footprint linked to the transport of goods. By favoring local producers for the supply of foodstuffs, the establishments also contribute to supporting the local economy. In addition, by opting for sustainable products such as compostable utensils and ecological cleaning products, it is possible to reduce the waste generated and preserve the environment.

Education and awareness

Education and awareness play a vital role in promoting green practices within the hotel and restaurant industry. By providing training on sustainable practices to employees and by informing customers of the green initiatives in place, it is possible to encourage environmentally friendly behavior.


Implementing green practices within the hotel and restaurant industry is crucial to reducing environmental impact. By effectively managing waste, adopting responsible water consumption, using renewable energies, promoting local and sustainable supply, as well as raising awareness among staff and customers, establishments can make a significant contribution to preserving our planet for future generations.


The Match: Reservation by telephone Vs Reservation by internet, who wins?

The Match: Reservation by telephone Vs Reservation by internet, who wins?

The most used reservation method in 2023 by Internet users for a restaurant is an online reservation application

With the constant advancement of technology and the emergence of the Internet, restaurant reservation methods have undergone a major transformation in recent years. Whereas in the past, booking by telephone was the preferred method, more and more Internet users are now turning to online reservations. In 2023, it is clear that online reservations are stronger than those made by phone, providing users with a more convenient and streamlined experience.

According to recent data, the use of the Internet to book a table in a restaurant has increased significantly over the past few years.

This trend is largely due to the convenience offered by online booking platforms. At Digital CHR we offer our own subscription booking tool with constant technological developments. Users can simply log into a dedicated website or mobile app, search for restaurants, check availability and make their reservation with just a few clicks. This simplicity and speed are undeniable advantages over the traditional method of booking by telephone.

Another reason why online reservations are gaining popularity is the ability for users to view detailed restaurant information before making their choice. Online reservation sites often provide photos, descriptions of dishes, reviews and ratings given by other customers, which allows Internet users to make informed decisions. Compared to a simple phone call where information may be limited, the Internet offers a more complete and transparent view of the establishment.

In addition, online reservations allow Internet users to make reservations anytime and from anywhere, without being limited by restaurant operating hours or time zones. Whether during lunch break at the office or late in the evening at home, users can access online booking platforms and make reservations at their convenience. This provides valuable flexibility in times when people lead increasingly busy lives and want to maximize their time.

In addition, online reservations often provide additional benefits to users.

Many restaurants offer special offers, discounts or loyalty programs exclusively available to customers who book online. This creates an additional incentive for internet users to choose this method, as they can not only easily book but also enjoy additional benefits when visiting the restaurant.

Finally, online reservations also allow restaurants to efficiently manage their reservations and better predict attendance. Online reservation systems offer features such as table management, the ability to block certain time slots for special events, and collection of customer preference data. This allows establishments to better organize their activity, reduce waiting times and offer a better overall experience to their customers.

The benefits of online reservations are not only limited to users, but also benefit restaurants.

Online reservation platforms allow them to efficiently manage their customer flow, optimize their seating capacities and forecast staffing needs. Information collected during online booking, such as number of guests and special preferences, may be used to personalize the guest experience and provide more attentive and individualized service. In addition, restaurants can obtain comments and ratings directly through these platforms, which allows them to constantly improve their offer and meet the expectations of their customers.

Looking at the data, it is clear that online reservations have overtaken telephone reservations in terms of popularity and usage. According to a recent study, almost 70% of restaurant reservations are now made online, while telephone reservations account for only 30%. This trend is expected to strengthen as technology continues to evolve and people become more comfortable with online transactions.

However, this does not mean that booking by telephone is totally obsolete. Some users, especially older people or those who prefer direct human interaction, will continue to use this method. Additionally, there may be special situations where a last minute reservation or specific request requires a direct phone call. Restaurants must therefore continue to offer this option to meet all the needs of their customers.

In conclusion, in 2023, online reservations have become the preferred reservation method for Internet users for restaurants.

Convenience, flexibility, access to detailed information, additional perks, and the ability for restaurants to better manage their reservations have all contributed to this growing preference. However, it is important to note that booking by telephone retains its relevance for certain users and certain situations. Overall, online reservations have revolutionized the restaurant booking experience, providing users with a convenient and efficient solution to satisfy their culinary cravings.

Commerce on Instagram: improve your brand image.

Commerce on Instagram: improve your brand image.

Now present in our language, the term "Instagrammable" becomes essential when talking about promotion to the general public. By this term, it should be understood that the object of the qualifier lends itself to being photographed and published on social networks. As we know, putting your business on Instagram is strategic. Indeed, social networks allow almost free publicity and positive word of mouth. With this in mind, are there any levers to make your business more Instagrammable and therefore more inclined to success on the networks?

Improve your brand image with decoration!

The first goal of Instagram is to improve your brand image. To make your local vote Instagrammable, start by going green! Buy plants and flowers that will give a healthy and natural side very fashionable on the networks. Then plan a graphic backdrop. Often, Instagrammers look for this place to do their selfie or photos for their account. The same goes for the floor of your premises. More than 800,000 posts on Instagram are pictures of…feet and floors! It also works for people who don't take selfies in public because there are! If your budget is tight, you can try a mat. Make sure the location has some space for photographers to find the best angle. In the end, your business on Instagram must make you want to go there. The best shots of your restaurant's decor will arouse curiosity. Thus, you attract new customers and improve your brand image because your content is Instagrammable.

And your visual identity!

Think about products and packaging. They are also an opportunity to showcase yourself and improve your brand image . Think Starbucks! To-go containers, cups and bottles should have an attractive and distinct look to build brand recognition. Choose a theme and capitalize on it. A signature color, mood or concept pays off when used well. Then also think about dressing the outside of your business. You will attract customers and visitors with the walls or the window of your building. Not only will customers want to come in, they'll also want to post a photo of their visit! In the end, your brand image is worked on site as on Instagram. Your business on Instagram should reflect what is actually there. The goal is to attract them with your content and impress them once they arrive at your establishment. This is how you will improve your brand image.



Is offering vegetarian à la carte an essential marketing element for my restaurant?

Is offering vegetarian à la carte an essential marketing element for my restaurant?

Veganism has become more than just a trend, it's now a global movement. And a growing number of people around the world are choosing to embrace this lifestyle. We increasingly live in a health-conscious society. Many people are more selective about what they want or what they can eat. Consumer preferences seem to indicate that vegetarian options are no longer just new. If you want to attract millennials to your establishment, consider offering vegetarian options. It has become an essential marketing element for most restaurants. According to a recent study, nearly 45% of young consumers regularly eat vegetarian foods or follow a vegan diet.

Attract a wider audience

When people dine together, they want to choose a place where everyone can find dishes that meet their dietary, health or taste requirements. If 45% of young consumers prefer to eat vegetarian, then in this kind of situation, there is about a 50% chance that everyone in this group will choose vegan dishes.

What happens when you don't offer dishes that meet these preferences? Chances are these people are looking for another place to eat. So, if your menu is not diverse, your restaurant may be losing potential new customers. Thus, offering vegetarians turns out to be the best alternative to meet everyone's needs.

Offer vegetarian

Veganism is trending. But that doesn't mean there aren't any meat eaters, and some are even considered flexitarians. These people might have a diet that resembles a vegetarian most of the time, with occasional meat consumption. Thus, offering vegetarian is not an offer to be neglected.

Consumers continue to question food choices. There is more public awareness of food than there has ever been. With the booming information age, it has become easier for consumers to find reliable information on blogs. Adapting your menu entirely to vegans may not be the wisest decision, especially if your restaurant does not have this association. But providing more choice is something most, if not all, restaurants can do.

Capitalize on a trend

Some companies see these dietary changes as an opportunity to capitalize on a trend. Certainly, every restaurant should be aware of the trends and changes in their industry. Failure to do so could mean missing valuable opportunities or losing competitive advantage. Hence the fact of being interested in offering vegetarian food on its menu.

Many establishments adapt and update their menus over time, especially new restaurants that are just beginning to understand the target market. But some established brands will struggle to move away from the image they've worked hard to grow into, and will always appeal to a certain type of customer. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

To go further, here are other marketing solutions to implement in your establishment: Top 10 ideas for your restaurant marketing.

Instagram: Use the popularity of your customers to communicate!

Instagram: Use the popularity of your customers to communicate!

If you don't know Instagram, it's a social network that allows you to edit and share your photos and videos from a smartphone. The app has almost a billion users worldwide and more than 12 million in France. An opportunity for you restaurateur, to increase your visibility but also your reservations and to retain your customers! Explanations:

Instagram followers: a real bargaining chip! #digitalchr

It makes sense: the more followers a user has on Instagram, the more visibility his posts will have and the more he will increase his virality. Let's understand the term virality, which is essential to master in any web strategy. Virality is a “phenomenon of rapid dissemination of content via the Internet”. Thus, on Instagram, this notion is blatant. A first person shares a post on Instagram and each interaction (like, reshare, comment, etc.) increases its virality on the social network. This is why the more subscribers a user has, the more impact he has on the web and the more you are interested in him. And if you are interested in it, it is because it has the power to disseminate information about your business and therefore to advertise you at a lower cost. And if he is interested, he can, for example, monetize this to lower his bill!

Concretely, how to benefit from the popularity of your customers?

Tout simplement en leur demandant une action. Celle de photographier leur plat, ou la déco du restaurant, tout élément photogénique en somme, en y ajoutant votre nom via un hashtag et une localisation directe ! Notez que la notion “d’instagrammabilité” est de plus en plus présente dans les réflexes d’achat des consommateurs. Si votre lieu peut rendre bien en photo, c’est une incitation directe pour le client de poster sur votre lieu.  Une fois le cliché pris et posté, vous allez évaluer au moment du passage en caisse la puissance du compte en question sur le réseau social. Les clients montrent leur post en payant et le caissier calcule la remise qu’il peut octroyer ! Une logique gagnant-gagnant pour augmenter votre visibilité et fidéliser vos clients !

If you are not yet present on social networks, Digital CHR tells you why this has become a must for any hotel-restaurant !